Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Corporate Media Switches Tactics, Attacks Ron Paul

Strategy of completely ignoring Congressman was a miserable failure
Steve Watson
Aug 17, 2011
Ron Paul
The establishment effort to keep Presidential candidate Ron Paul out of the public conscience has failed and desperation tactics have set in.
Politico has taken it upon itself to dredge up an old and thoroughly debunked story in an attempted attack on the Congressman’s character.
“…there are reasons why Paul, and his fan base, might be grateful for the minimalist coverage that he’s received,” writes Maggie Haberman.
“… a more thorough vetting of the kind that mainstream candidates generally receive would invariably lead to some of the newsletters that bore his name (if not his byline or direct authorship) decades earlier.”
Haberman links to a three year old New Republic report which suggests that Ron Paul was responsible for racist and bigoted newsletters that were written in his name in the 1990s.
This is the exact same desperate tactic that was employed when Paul ran for president in 2008.
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Amongst the ludicrous smears directed toward Paul at the time by The New Republic was the claim that Paul had referred to Martin Luther King as a “gay pedophile”.
In reality Paul has noted King as one of his heroes on many occasions. Indeed, the only time that the Congressman has ever voted for something that is not explicitly authorized in the Constitution, it was for America to recognize Martin Luther King day as a public holiday.
“Once again, the establishment is trying to flog a lame, tired 20 year old story that has been explained ad naseum in campaign after campaign.” writes Paul’s campaign adviser Jesse Benton.
“These items were not written by Dr. Paul and they are anathema to belief in human liberty.” Benton added.
Similar tactics were employed by the establishment last year, in a last ditch effort to reverse Rand Paul’s exponential popularity surge. It failed miserably as Congressman Ron Paul’s son comfortably won his Kentucky Senate seat.
The fact that the media has dredged up this rotting corpse of a non-story AGAIN in an attempt to smear Paul indicates complete desperation and only serves to highlight that unlike most of his political opponents, Ron Paul’s record and his character remain clean as a whistle.
The Congressman appeared on Fox News yesterday to discuss the media attempts to derail his campaign. Paul also conducted a longer sit down interview on the subject with KTRK-TV in Houston. Watch both these interviews below.
Steve Watson is the London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, and He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham in England


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