Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Why Ron Paul's Presidency Could Save America

Ron Paul's Proposals Are Exactly What America Needs to Prevent Downfall

COMMENTARY | A recent article in The Huffington Post outlines 11 ideas that Ron Paul would carry out if elected president. Ron Paul's ideas are all sensible and very beneficial for this country. Much of his ideas are common sense, like bringing our troops home and save trillions of dollars as a result. Fighting multiple wars is not essential; rather, they are impairing our economy.
Fact: Ron Paul received the most military donations of anyone, even more than Obama, because the troops agree with Paul. The Federal Reserve, Paul believes, is not helping at all -- many people, including some of the candidates, are beginning to support his idea of auditing the Fed (and idea he's been preaching for decades). Common sense, by the way, is a major reason why Paul is so popular to the people. Everyone is sick of false politicians, and so Paul is just what the people want.

In a recent video interview, Paul mentions how he can balance the budget in one year. Currently, the divided Congress couldn't balance the budget, as we learned back in July when default was imminent. Basically, if Paul is going to be president, then common-sense Constitutionalism will be used to fix the major mess our idea of prosperity has created. He is turning to word of our founders to help us. This video is the source for many facts in the this article, even though facts about Paul were picked up from numerous places. That is because Paul is consistent, which is another reason why many people want him in office.(CONTINUE READING)


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