Tuesday, October 4, 2011

End the Fed, not Capitalism

Andrew Steele
America 20xy
October 3, 2011

Organizers of the “Occupy Wall Street” protests have now urged the people gathered there to dress up as “corporate zombies” and pretend to eat monopoly money.  Indeed, if the protests were aimed at the real source of the problem– the Federal Reserve– the use of monopoly money in the demonstration might be the most striking symbol, however since many of the protestors  have aimed their anger at the free market, demanding we give the government that’s robbed us even more power to feed its cronies, the more fitting symbol of the protests in this particular demonstration are the zombies.
For a short period as the protests began many complained that the media wasn’t paying attention to them.   Suddenly women protesters were sprayed in the face with mace by a rogue cop and all eyes were on New York.  People who couldn’t occupy Wall Street started occupying places in other cities, and the corporate media began covering every aspect of it.
Now the protests are picking up momentum.  The media is grabbing control of it.  Something big indeed is happening, but it’s not good.
From Boston.com, writing about the protests in Boston:
“Accompanied by Boston Police officers who stopped traffic at key intersections, the protesters first gathered in the city’s Financial District this morning and then marched to the State House where they stood on the steps, chanting slogans and holding signs.
Some of the signs included “capitalism is organized crime” and “where’s my golden parachute?”
A Daily Monitor headline proclaims that there’s an “Anti-capitalism rebellion in progress in US”
The media has the power to pick and choose what it wants to give attention to.  Though past protest marches involving thousands of people as well as a nationwide series of demonstrations at every Federal Reserve bank in the country years ago were flagrantly ignored by the cackling skulls on TV and newspaper hacks being told what to write, those which reinforce the positions coming out of the foolish left/right distraction and which ultimately benefit those who have created our current situation get full coverage. (CONTINUE READING)


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