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By Gabriel O’Hara

The Telegraph article below informs us that Prince Charles, the man with special Royal genes and “the heir to the throne”, has launched a new global unit, “the International Sustainability Unit”. The unit will work with governments and branches of the UN to form a one world opinion and strategy (a legal global accord) to manage the world’s supply of food, water and energy. Of course the pampered Prince will not lead the unit, it will be overseen by a former government advisor to the unpopular Tony Blair, Justin Mundy. The extract following the Telegraph’s promotion allotment shows this has been part of the plan for a long while and did not spring from the dim crevasses of Charlie’s mind.

By Richard Eden

“Prince of Wales opens new front in global warming fight

“The Prince of Wales, who warned last year that there were ‘less than 100 months’ to save the planet from irreversible damage due to climate change, is stepping up his own efforts.

” ‘This is the most important cause that His Royal Highness has ever taken on,’ says one of Prince Charles’s friends. ‘He hopes that the unit will make a real difference on the global stage.’

“A spokesman for the Prince says the organisation will work with national governments and global bodies such as the World Bank to promote ’sustainable’ development.

” ‘The unit aims to address the depletion of the world’s natural capital by helping to create a consensus as to the best ways to enhance long-term food, water and energy security.’

“the Prince’s Charities are now advertising for senior staff at the unit, which will be led by Justin Mundy, a former adviser to the Labour government under Tony Blair.

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