Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ron Paul wages all-out war on the Federal Reserve | CAIVN

Mon, May 17th 2010
As gold prices rise past $1200 an ounce and the Euro tumbles due to the debt contagion, Congressman Ron Paul continues to implicate the U.S. Federal Reserve as the one of the primary culprits for domestic and international monetary problems.
While his full-scale "Audit the Fed" bill did not pass this time around, his assault on the world's most powerful (and secretive) central bank led to a landmark vote by the US Senate to conduct a one-time audit of the Fed's actions during the 2008/2009 bailouts.
For the first time, the Fed will have to open its books to increased congressional and public scrutiny, albeit in a limited fashion. But, such a scenario would have been unthinkable just a few years back. In addition, the Fed was forced to hire a PR rep and aggressively lobby Congress against a full-scale audit of its covert policy actions. CONTINUE READING


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